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Musings: Being Weird 0

Musings: Being Weird

Imitating an “accepted” personality is often easier/safer than exposing ones own individuality. True freedom is difficult, but well worth the struggle. 

Dairy of a dancing bear 0

Dairy of a dancing bear

What if I allow myself to plunge into the insanity lurking beneath the surface of my smile? What if in being myself, I become someone else entirely? What if civility is insanity and savagery...

Why Seagulls Fight 1

The Psychology of Scarcity: Why the Seagulls Fight

While sitting in a waterfront park on my lunch break, I observed a flock of seagulls engaging in all sorts of activities. Some of these gallant birds were leisurely floating in the shallows, soaking...

Do Good 0

Taking Responsibility for Your Actions

There is a story in Islamic folklore where an Angel, who is guarding the gates of Heaven, asks a man why he had sinned. The man replied, “I was poor and oppressed by evil...


We is Sick: Is Materialism Our New Master?

Due to the beauty of modern-day multitasking, I spent my morning train ride to work looking through my finances on my  Mint app while listening to Malcolm X speeches.  As I writhed over the money...

Waiting for Marriage 0

E=MC2 & Why I’m Still Not Married

Ever since I passed that age 30+ mark, my friends and family have incessantly asked, “So… why aren’t you married yet?” I keep replying, “Because I don’t want to be;” but for some reason,...

New American Dream 0

The New American Dream

Industrial Age vs Information Age Have you ever heard a parent tell their child, “You can do anything you put your mind to”? I never understood what it really meant, but I always appreciated...


A Road to Racism paved with Good Intentions

THE DANGER IN HOW NON-PROFITS MARKET Have you ever noticed that the term “In The Black Community” is always preceded or followed by some crisis or deficit i.e. AIDS, poverty, or some ‘ism? Take...


Sympathy Fear

Everyone, who tries something outside of the accepted norm – like pursuing his dreams, loathes the possibility of disappointing his family by failing miserably and squandering the time, money and energy that has been...