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We’ve been taught that conspiracy is a secret and evil action used by criminals to do harm to the innocent. For argument’s sake, let’s use a less emotionally charged definition. Let’s call conspiracy an...


The Death of Me

The death of me. I used to believe in undying energy. That I sprung into becoming after always being me. That my life was just an effigy of a early time. Maybe I was...

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Musings: Being Weird

Imitating an “accepted” personality is often easier/safer than exposing ones own individuality. True freedom is difficult, but well worth the struggle. 

Dairy of a dancing bear 0

Dairy of a dancing bear

What if I allow myself to plunge into the insanity lurking beneath the surface of my smile? What if in being myself, I become someone else entirely? What if civility is insanity and savagery...

Why Seagulls Fight 1

The Psychology of Scarcity: Why the Seagulls Fight

While sitting in a waterfront park on my lunch break, I observed a flock of seagulls engaging in all sorts of activities. Some of these gallant birds were leisurely floating in the shallows, soaking...

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Taking Responsibility for Your Actions

There is a story in Islamic folklore where an Angel, who is guarding the gates of Heaven, asks a man why he had sinned. The man replied, “I was poor and oppressed by evil...


We is Sick: Is Materialism Our New Master?

Due to the beauty of modern-day multitasking, I spent my morning train ride to work looking through my finances on my  Mint app while listening to Malcolm X speeches.  As I writhed over the money...

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E=MC2 & Why I’m Still Not Married

Ever since I passed that age 30+ mark, my friends and family have incessantly asked, “So… why aren’t you married yet?” I keep replying, “Because I don’t want to be;” but for some reason,...