Are you an accidental expert?

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  1. Jackie Z says:

    I don’t think one can be considered an expert for spending all day looking at trash, gossip shows and websites because an expert is defined as: person with special knowledge or ability who performs skillfully in a field.
    It is however a waste of time; maybe short lived entertainment or a way to make one feel better about themselves when they look at that craziness going on in others life; a reason to judge or put down but how does it make you be better or enlighten you or those around you?
    Sometimes I feel like these things are made to distract and sabatoge minds from looking within themselves and applying themselves to their own greatness. To be great or to be an expert takes apply yourself. It saddens me to think that the sabotage might actually be working by the amount of hits these sites get. As you tito, I have visit these sites but spending everyday on them..I just couldn’t do it.

  2. Bird says:

    First and foremost, I really enjoyed reading and contemplating this post. That being said, Jackie, I beg to differ with your statements. Operationally defined, an expert IS a person with special knowledge or ability who performs skillfully in a field. It does not specify which field(s) or the degree to which that skill is used. We automatically connotate the definition with academia and the like. The person who created WSHH is operationally defined as an expert. That person posessed special knowledge or ability with regard to entertainment, trashy coon-like entertainment, but entertainment nonetheless. They were able to maintain a venue that consistently received millions of hits on the worldwide web.

    How is this different from the guy (expert) who created the technology behind the iphone or the guy who invented the artificial heart? Both of these people would be considered experts in their respective fields (computer engineering and cardiology). Regardless of the realm, I feel that everyone deserves to be an expert at something. To have knowledge and skill in a particular area does wonders for a person’s self efficacy, and maybe their bank account as well.

    I love the topic of this post because it revisits the innate question of “who am I?” More importantly, it also makes you think about what you know and the things that you choose to know. There is a guy somewhere that can fix anything that may be wrong with a car’s engine, yet he cannot read above a third-grade level. The field is not important, the knowledge is. Go for it… an expert.

  3. Jackie Z. says:

    @bird, I think you misinterpreted what I was talking about. I am not talking about the people that created these sites. I am talking about people that don’t do anything but visit the sites. What skills are they gaining by looking over gossip sites and trash media?

  4. JR Reid says:

    You can become an expert in anything that matters to you. Based on the example provided by Miss Jackie, if you peruse Bossip, WorldStar HipHop, MediaTakeout, Necole Bitchie, it may be relevant to your subject area if you are in PR, marketing or advertising. Ad/ marketing space if you are looking to target a certain demographic for product launches etc, PR to insert celebrities, whether they come from professional sports or entertainment, etc. If you establish and build relationship with these outlets, you become an expert at building strategic relationships in one capacity or another. These sites bring in millions of dollars as well and as the social media space grows they will continue to flourish until someone else knocks them out of that spot.

    I agree/like your post Bird.

  5. Jackie Z. says:

    I guess everyone was so caught up in their own intellectual answer to even understand the question asked. Its one thing to see how you can make money by the crap and it is another thing to sit around watching it and doing nothing.. Am I wrong in how I am understand the question asked, Tito?

  6. Aka Tito says:

    The point of this post was for inspiration, awareness and self-evaluation. I simply wanted my readers to understand the limitless possibilities in their lives and be aware of the obstacles hiding in plain sight. When I mentioned, certain things I wasted my time on, I was only talking about what I perceived as wastes of MY TIME. I offered a suggestion of being an expert on your family and friends as a possible fulfilling and worthwhile path but I am in no way condemning the intentional path that others choose.

  7. JR Reid says:

    To each its own, no answer is a right answer including your’s or mine. Just sharing thoughts in a open forum. Absolutely was not trying to attack your response Miss Jackie. FYI people all over the world are experts in tons of areas that may not make sense to some and may seem genius to others.

  8. Aka Tito says:

    I didn’t write this in the blog because I couldn’t find the number at the time… It takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something. Start tracking how you spend your time? What are you becoming an expert in?

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