Are you stuck in your life?

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  1. Billy Ocean says:

    I talk about this all the time. No kids and single and I’m still in the U.S. I’ve been wanting to live overseas since I was 12. Still have yet to leave the continent. I cant explain why. But at 35 definitely itching to get out of this rut. How? That is what I want to hear? How have others done it? I’m willing. I can get ready? But am I able?

  2. miss410 says:

    I feel the same way, I have no kids and I’m single, and I’m still here too. So many times I’ve said to my self, I wanna go here, and I wanna go there….but I’m still dam here. I know I can go explore the unknown, but as Tito said, it’s the fear that’s keeping me around. How can I let go, and escape?

  3. BAnjeeB says:

    I’ve thought about this a lot as well, what I’ve decided is that I can’t beat myself up for not throwing it all away and going where the wind blows, because honestly I like the security of having a home to come back to. So, I’ve decided that I’m going to stop letting opportunities pass me by and stretch myself more. I feel like being down on myself for living as I do will only bring on depression and sadness, but if I look at it as a motivator to do more things that I haven’t done before or that I’ve been too afraid to try, I’ll get some of that adventure.

  4. OzzieG says:

    Answer = No. Don’t live a mundane life. This doesn’t mean you have to sell everything and travel the world it just means to decide to do stuff you like and try new things – meet new people – mix things up. Adventure is rarely an all or nothing affair and can be as close as your doorstep and as simple as trying a different flavored ice cream.

    You’re not a coward – I bet if someone was in trouble you’d jump to their aid. By doing small local things you’ll get a chance to build up your decision making and courage muscle then you may get to a point where the big trip is just another decision.

    Fear will never go away (it’s our alert mechanism) and with a comfort zone and no external demand you are in danger of drifting with this one. I travelled and lived overseas for 9 yrs and was lucky I had an external deadline (must go before turning 28) due to work visa rules. Friends with Aussie houses rented them out whilst living overseas and had parents or neighbours keep an eye out for them. A deciding factor for me was I will regret not doing this and there never really is a right time but there would possibly be a wrong time if I started having children or something so why not go now.

    One of the true blessings of living in other cultures is you return with new eyes.

    And don’t worry I’m not some Aussie super hero immune to ‘being stuck’. For me it’s career, I’m stuck thinking I want more meaning in my career so need to change from IT – but to what? I have no clear passion for a new career or desire to climb the corporate ladder. Time to jump on the rollercoaster again

    Happy trails and see you when you hit Aus 😉

  5. pamela says:

    I feel that was in so many aspects of my life. I felt that way in CA but I was able to pull my courage and drive here frm cali with nothing but my kids my car and wat i could fit in the small trailer on the back of that car. Taking that vhance opened me up to a broader prospective and extinguished a fear of not being able to make it on my own.. great post…

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