Why is CNN doing the job that BET was invented to do?

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  1. leslee says:

    I stand by my comment. Our vision for BET never seemed to mission with BET’s vision. They never promised it to us either. Pay close attention to the middle word “ENTERTAINMENT”. Unfortunately, I was rarely entertained.

  2. aka Tito says:

    Leslee… Do you remember back in the day when BET had a variety of programming touching on many aspects of Black Culture? Now, all BET only has black versions of MTV shows. MTV can show trash 24/7 because there are 300 other channels depicting various expects of White Culture. Since we don’t have quantity, we need to ensure quality.

  3. Jackie says:

    It is what it is BET BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TV..and that is what it gives you. All the videos and tv sitcoms.. thats what black people are asking for.. so why get mad at BET for putting it out there. As much as everyone wants to do right…this is a capitalist country…doing the right thing comes second to money…and if the masses wants videos and college hill and gospel sundays..thats what your going to get. Don’t blame it on BET blame it on the person next to you.

  4. Leslee says:

    “thats what black people are asking for”

    That would depend totally on BETs target market. Their target market is not simply “black people” but a specific segment of Black people and I guess they are reaching that market because they are still on the air. However, “Black people” are asking for more than just that.I am Black people and am certainly not in the demographic they are trying to reach. I believe many black people accept a lot of what is played purely because they are happy to see black faces period.

    I remember the old Teen Summit and Ed Gordon on the news and a couple of other things but I mostly remember videos. So, yes I remember “more variety” but not a lot – at least not from my perspective.

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