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The Language of Our Captors

People think of colonialism as a kind of gentle help extended to primitive culture for the their own good. Of course, the colonizer has the right to depict its own mission in this manner...


A Road to Racism paved with Good Intentions

THE DANGER IN HOW NON-PROFITS MARKET Have you ever noticed that the term “In The Black Community” is always preceded or followed by some crisis or deficit i.e. AIDS, poverty, or some ‘ism? Take...


The Subtle Racism of Low Expectations

During one of the more memorable The Simpsons episodes, Bart Simpson is placed in a Special Ed class due to his continuous slacking on schoolwork. Being the bright yet defiant young man he was...


The Pro-Black Middle Class

Recent racial injustices have given voice to a grossly underrepresented group. A cross sectional sub group of both the Black Community and the American Middle Class, the Pro-Black Middle Class might be the only...


Fashionable Outrage

This post isn’t about Trayvon Martin or the suffering his family must endure due to the lack of congruence between the law and common sense. This isn’t about harassing the dissenting opinions of simpletons...

Poor man 4

Black does not mean Poor

Do you know what Liberals, Republicans, non-profits, activists, Black people, White people, rappers and racists of all colors have in common? They use Black and poor interchangeably, especially when referring to “Blacks” receiving aid...

[Review] Hoodwinked: A Documentary 0

[Review] Hoodwinked: A Documentary

The film begins asking passersby, “Name a positive stereotype about Black people?” Needless to say, they (including Howard University students) were stumped. The next question he asks sets the tone and reveals the premise...


Shootin’ in the gym

Drake’s line in Rick Ross’s “Stay Schemin’” has sparked somewhat of a viral cultural phenomenon. B!%@#, you wasn’t with me shootin’ in the gym. For those of you who aren’t a fan of Drake...


The path of least resistance

Yesterday, I had an interesting conversation with a friend from Detroit about the declining humanity of the American poor. Close living quarters, lack of resources, and an inability to maneuver the legal system disproportionately...


The Power of Community

WE ARE LOSING; WE ARE DYING; WE ARE DOING IT TO OURSELVES. We have forgotten the sole point of life on this earth. TO SURVIVE AND THEN THRIVE.