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The Death of Me

The death of me. I used to believe in undying energy. That I sprung into becoming after always being me. That my life was just an effigy of a early time. Maybe I was...

Dairy of a dancing bear 0

Dairy of a dancing bear

What if I allow myself to plunge into the insanity lurking beneath the surface of my smile? What if in being myself, I become someone else entirely? What if civility is insanity and savagery...

The Wanderer by S. Marisol 0

The Wanderer by S. Marisol

I’ve come to think the best writers are wanderers. They stroll blissfully through the mind on an unprovoked quest to find their way through a story, to the end. Each turn is a new...

[Poem] 2 weeks notice 0

[Poem] 2 weeks notice

I have given you a gift that you did not want nor ask for. I have blamed you for neglecting and misusing a gift that I doubt you even knew you possessed.

The Way of Love 0

The Way of Love

The one I love is incapable of ill will; is friendly and compassionate.  She lives beyond the reach of “I” and “mine” and of pleasure and pain. She is patient, contented, self-controlled, firm in...

[Poem] Addiction 1

[Poem] Addiction

Addiction I remember… Ingesting you feverishly Feeling you reach down into my soul Yanking and pulling Expanding and contracting Until I became Free From worry Oblivious to suffering High From my own delusions I...

The Perfect Woman 7

The Perfect Woman

Understands my motives, so she can forgive my actions Is dependent on me for all of her shortcomings and allows me to be dependent on her for all of mine Is as eager to...