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We’ve been taught that conspiracy is a secret and evil action used by criminals to do harm to the innocent. For argument’s sake, let’s use a less emotionally charged definition. Let’s call conspiracy an action outside of society’s currently accepted norms used by nonconformist to challenge the status quo.

Conspiracies create revolutions, fortunes, policies and shifts in “society’s accepted norms.” It’s how the super wealthy create and maintain their wealth. It’s how slavery was ended in America. It’s how neighborhoods gentrify. It’s how Apple launched its iPhone.

Conspiracy is how we quietly and slowly win whatever game we’re playing. It’s how we achieve our most lofty goals. We must create a secret plan -either on our own or within our trusted circle of conspirators. We must strategize and create contingencies. We must consider inner and outer risks and rewards. We must identify opportunities and threats. We must conspire for our own success.

Wolves and shepherds conspire. Sheep do not.

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