D.O.D. The Death of Dating

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2 Responses

  1. JR Reid says:

    The internet has definitely streamlined the dating process and even goes back to the days when BlackPlanet reigned supreme. Online presence cut out the clutter, you were attracted to the person because of the look just the same as if you met them on the street. You learn more about the person by looking over their profile or simply dropping questions in there inbox. Instead of wasting time and money (we’re in a recession ppl) going to the movies or out to eat you get right to the good stuff.

    For the 80s babies and prior generations dating is still living but for 90s and above it’s dead.

  2. Sim1atl says:

    Wow, I am so sorry that you feel that way. Not an uncommon sentiment of men, but unfortunate nonetheless. I think that sometimes men put too many restrictions or misconceptions on what “Dating” means. I am down for a walk in the park, chatting over an ice cream cone or whatever. It doesn’t have to be this big production to include dinner, etc., especially in the beginning as that is definitely too much pressure – on both parts. We (women) are being scrutinized as much as much as y’all are.

    I think that internet vs face to face is just a realty that we face for many interactions (not just dating) in this day and age. One just has to find it in themselves to investigate what type of relationship they are seeking and the investment (time, etc. – not $$) that they are willing to make.

    You said “in hopes that his efforts turns in to sex…” If that is all you seek, let it be known from the get go. If you seek more, then don’t treat that woman differently after you do get the goods. It is all about being up front and communicative. Sorry this doesn’t delve more into the internet vs in person, but rather about the core issues behind dating. We too want this to be a fun experience and not a labor in love 🙂

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