Fashionable Outrage


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This post isn’t about Trayvon Martin or the suffering his family must endure due to the lack of congruence between the law and common sense. This isn’t about harassing the dissenting opinions of simpletons on Twitter or Facebook. This isn’t even about thousands of people protesting a verdict. This is about fashionable outrage

This is about seeming to care about injustice -as long as everyone else does. (And as long as it doesn’t interfere with Love and Hip Hop Atlanta) This is about having little to no knowledge about Martin, Malcolm, Marcus, W.E.B., Parks, Booker T, Brown vs the Board of Ed and the many others who are disgraced by the convenience of fashionable outrage.

This is about being too busy to volunteer or too “broke” to donate to a community service organization. This is about not conspiring for our own success by supporting and creating minority owned/operated businesses. This about not voting with our wallets and supporting local politicians who reflect our values. This is about our everyday choices to support the things that don’t support us. This is about not supporting HBCU’s, scholarship foundations and improvement associations.

This is about controlling our resources, our image and our nearly dead communities. This is about dedication, understanding and the ability to communicate our ideas. This is about the revolution that begins in our minds and expands to our families, our communities, and eventually to the world. Even if we are divided when we are together, we must be untied when we are apart.

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