Generational Brainwashing

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  1. As usual… 2 Thumbs up!!

  2. BAnjeeB says:

    Good post. Even though my family is from a very small town, they always (at least tried) to encourage me to think for myself. Even being a very strong Christian family they guided me, but didn’t force it on me.

  3. Princesss says:

    same old story, different day

    Parents definitely help to perpetuate black, self hate with comments like “sit yo’ BLACK ass down” and other degrading remarks. “A Girl Like Me” examines this issue among today’s youth (2005)

    CNN’s Anderson Cooper recently reported…
    Study: White & Black Children Biased Toward Lighter Skin
    It recaps the 1947 Doll Test and how things really haven’t changed since then.

  4. Nona says:

    Many people believe that this is passe, but it is still relevant today. Thanks for sharing.

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