Hip Hop and the path to hell

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4 Responses

  1. I haven’t watched the video you put at the end of your post but I will when i have a moment to watch it. I’ve watched several of the youtube videos that say many negative things about hip-hop. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to disagree with most of those conspiracy videos.

    In my opinion, the MAJORITY of the rap industry is proving their critics right. Rappers be on some bullsh!t nowadays…lying & frontin. Where is the activism & standing up for justice???? Instead rappers stand up for their new car(s), rims, chains, chicks, clothes, drugs, power etc… It’s not a reflection of what today’s youth are into. It is a reflection of how the mainstream rappers are misguiding today’s youth! Bigups to the mainstream rappers who don’t lead our youth astray like LUPE, B.O.B., Wale & NAS!

  2. …we need balance in hip hop period. Right now it doesn’t exist on the mainstream level!

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