Inside the mind of a celibate man

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  1. RoundupRussy says:

    Welcome to the God Body Diet Jamal… great to have you aboard!

  2. John Wall says:

    Welcome to Blue Bals Jamal.

  3. PeaWhyTea says:

    #Fail. There is no escaping sexual stimulation for him. He may have passed the physical test but he failed the mental test. Can Jamal control his sexual thoughts without a woman brushing up against his arm. Its a mental stimulation. Men are less picky than women and are much more easily aroused.Even the most unattractive girl starts to look appetising to the sexually deprived male. With women. I’d hardly think its the same. A woman can go a year and still not find the most unatrractive man tempting.Now, she may fantasize or think about her previous partners, but good ole joe schmoe ain’t gon cut it.Not to mention that a man’s performance is not guaranteed compared to a “nut” (excuse my french) a male is going to get, which is 90 percent of the time.

  4. Billy says:

    Those damn godBodyDiet rules! I can have croutons but cant have sex? Croutons have carbs in them. Sex dont…. 80)

    Joking aside.. good writeup. Been discussing this mindset with a few brothers who have opted to take this route after finding they were looking for a deeper meaning in their physical connections.

  5. Princesss says:

    insightful story about “Jamal” lol

    I have and can go longer than 45 days without sex. It does allow you to see a person for who they really are and not be blinded by the sexual attraction. Celibacy is sometimes necessary. I think most of us want a deep connection with the person we’re intimately involved with. Personally, I don’t divide the “pie” which causes me to be cautious about having “casual partners.”

    Celibacy allows you to see who the person of interest really is.

  6. Mo the Educator says:

    Jamal found very positive aspects of celibacy that for him helped to offer clarity. That’s a good thing.

    The underlying truth for most people is that issues with sexuality largely stem from non-sexual origins like religious or spiritual intrapersonal conflicts, self-esteem and image issues, and the rampant sexual repression and chauvinism that pervert our society’s ability to explore or even understand our sexuality.

    While Jamal may have been taking a break from having sex, what he was really discovering was the joy of simple delayed gratification and the new-found excitement of being seduced through stimulating his mind rather than his genitals.

  7. @akaDanni says:

    I am very sexual but I’m confident in myself that I could go 45 days without sexual stimulation. As time goes on during a sexual fast, the urge for sexual intercourse would lessen. I would suppose this to be true because sex is like a drug, the more u have, the more u want. But as for me, intimacy w/o intercourse would give me the satisfaction I needed to go on without having to be pleased or please myself.

    I do think most men do attack sex as the hunter when they would score more prey doing the opposite. Being a female allows me to be either the hunter or hunted and I will always have sex available to me. At the beginning of relationships, I tend to be the hunted to build the arousal but at some point I become the hunter because I’m a sexual beast with strong desires.

  8. @nobles717 says:

    Ummmm……no thanks. I enjoy the pootang pie way too much to leave it for that long.

  9. Nunya says:

    LOL gotta love nobles717. Celibacy….I’ve been there. Kinda there now. Kinda. (Go about 60 or so days without any pleasure) My fav part was “nothing turns a woman on more than a man not trying to have sex with her.” This is so true for me. I’ve been dating lately, and nothing disgusts me more than a man too eager to “take a bite” (as I was asked to allow today). I think Jamaal learned valuable lessons. It may not be what other readers think is enough. But for him, I’m sure those were big steps/accomplishments for him. Just the fact that he’s able to look at a woman and not instantaneously (sp?) go for the kill is an achievement. I encourage more men to go this route. See what they learn about themselves and the opposite sex.

  10. All I can do is LOL at “Jamal” because this too funny. I just asked a friend about this and he was like, 45 days without sex, maybe. However, when I said no masturbation, that brother told me that was next to impossible.

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