[Inside the mind of a struggling alumni] Layoff to payoff


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I graduated from Clark Atlanta University in 2007. Since then I’ve been hustling. Had some jobs that I hated-jobs that didn’t require a degree. Made pennies.

The best jobs I ever had were waiting tables, cocktail waitressing, or bartending- making 300-700/night. Never made that any of my “punch clock” jobs.

I’ve been laid off due to the economy 3xs since I graduated. And applied to ever marketing firm, volunteered at every function, had informational interviews, gone back to CAU for speaking engagements-the whole 9.

You don’t know how many hours I sat on my computer applying for jobs, internships, volunteering my time to different organizations in hopes of acquiring I guess a “real job”. Honestly I haven’t applied for a job online in a couple of months instead I put my skills out there for decision makers to see. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN A RESUME.

But deep down inside I knew I never wanted to go corporate-it just seems really fake and boring-One thing I am a failure at. I’m not good at kissing up to people and business suits are soo blahhhh on women.

So in hopes of just creating my own internship I launched “Style Fidelity” 3 years ago to just create my own experience and do what it is that I really wanted to do. Which has caught the eyes of decision makers across the world.

They say that when you follow your true passion that’s when things or fate starts to fall into place. Its nothing that I’m sitting back waiting on anyone to help me or for the world to recognize how freaking awesome I am-creatively, socially, and as action taker.

I decided to create my own opportunity. Nothing that college could ever teach me. I have a desire for whatever it is that success is. I live, breath, and dream about it. I’m married to it right now.

My latest project is the launch of my online store “Yippies Vintage”. Which I just started promoting and is gaining a following.

I think my rebirth came after I read Napoleon Hill’s “Think & Grow Rich” and a break up with my first real serious “love”(5yrs). If you never read it, you need to run to the book store and pick up a copy. Or I can email you the pdf version of it.

But all this to say that: If YOU can dream it, YOU can achieve it. The key word is YOU. It’s up to YOU. No one else. No one can help YOU achieve YOUR ultimate dream. It doesn’t even come in terms of money-money is just the great perk.

It’s happiness! Once you agree to being a positive and happy person anything is achievable. Everyone has a sob story-so bask in the survival of that situation instead of the bad.

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www.yippiesvintage.com>>>>>COMING SOON 🙂

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  1. Dawnavette says:

    Great post! I can completely relate, and find encouragement reading testimonies like this. Continued success, and I’d like a PDF of the book please, thanks!

  2. BAnjeeB says:

    Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing your story! Wishing you continued success as you follow your passion.

  3. Chamese says:

    Thanks guys! send me your email @dawnavette clbennett3@yahoo.com

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