Its just local news until it happens to you

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6 Responses

  1. DANG! Glad you’re ok. Glad they caught thaey f**ker.

  2. Hunniedip81 says:

    Aww damn Tito! Im glad YOU’RE ok…

  3. russy says:

    Until proven innocent.. youre an accompliss in my book.. I have footage to prove you two were in a relationship further than a ride to the bus stop..

  4. Russy says:

    Seriously tho.. Theres no way I wouldve left the house the first time without the backpack.. The laptop & cameras stay close. I wouldve had the dogs outside with the quicknes too. The rest of the crib can go up in sulfur and ashes

  5. aka Tito says:

    Thanks everyone… Did Roundup Russy just call me gay? BTW I was going to go back for my Rasta head but I wasn’t sure if that would have been an O.D. What you think?

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