Julie and the almost perfect guy

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8 Responses

  1. p_nami says:

    I would tell you this story is full of crap if I myself didn’t bust a guy via FB as well. Now, the lady in me would tell her to move on, ignore any further messsages from him, blah blah blah. Thankfully I can be a bit unladylike at times, so I say fcuk the high road- it has less oxygen anyway. She should say her piece,keep it moving, and thank God she isn’t the one with the ring on

  2. BAnjeeB says:

    You know what, she should say something. No, it won’t change the facts of the situation but she should be able to have her say. Then she should put him on http://www.dontdatehim.com…She can pray for forgiveness later.

  3. LaBellaDani says:

    Truthfully my anger would not allow me to be rational. I would speak on it right then and wash my hands of the situation! That is some bs and to fake a parent’s death, how low could someone stoop? UGH

  4. She should say her pay her respects to his passed family member and not continue conversation for a week. This will give her time to calm down and give him some well deserved time with his family (assuming the death is true). After a week, she should reach out and ask who the female is. Honestly though, if she was swooning so much, she shouldve done her internet snooping a long time ago.. I google EVERYBODY!

  5. Nobles717 says:

    I would have to say something if it was me…otherwise it would eat me up on the inside. I would suggest that she gets him drunk to the point of passing out and then cut his brake lines. Then let him go on his way.

  6. WOW!! At first I had all these ideas of what she could do. BUT… WTH! So has she never been to his home? Has she not asked a load of relevant “ooh I think I like him questions?” But anywho, back to my first question, so she hasn’t been to his crib? Furthermore, the internet is a tool, if he is acting like a tool (garden tool) the internet is likely to let you know if he is! I’m just saying. (BBL to post again) SMDH

  7. Hunniedip81 says:

    Um if this was me, at this point, fukk respect…this lame-ass didn’t have enough nutz to respect me by telling me the truth so ALL respect for/to him goes out the door…that being said, tell him how I really feel and tell him ROCKS BISH!!! (However, I do not believe in or condone messing up his car. For some reason I just think that’s wrong).
    All my best to the female in this situation…

  8. Princess says:

    My first reaction is WTF! With that said I wonder if she ever asked him if he was single or did she just assume that he was.

    Regardless, he’s a lying cheating snake that should be completely exposed. If his father passed that’s unfortunate. However, that’s a separate issue from his deceitful ways. She should fall back for about two weeks. Compile her evidence then expose him. BOOM BAM POP goes the weasel!!!

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