Love vs. Religion

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2 Responses

  1. leslee says:

    I’ve seen it work out well as my godparents are of mixed faith but have a deep respect for that of the other. (one AME and one Catholic) They took there children to both and let them choose – one chose catholic and one chose AME.

    I raised raised baptist, attended a fundamentalist baptist school for all of elementary/grade school and my family remains devoutly into the church. Despite this, I now describe myself as agnostic and spiritual. My daughter is already 20 and I simply raised her to respect all religions and encouraged her to explore and decide what was right for her.

    It would be easier for me to marry someone of a different faith now than previously partly because of the age of my daughter. It is when child rearing comes into play that I see potential problems. I believe it can be done if ideals are complementary (or at least not totally in conflict) on the fundamental level as well as some mutual respect.

    So yeah… I could…

  2. Nunya says:

    Damn where was I when this FB post occurred!

    I can say with where I am now, it would probably not matter. Many of those who “practice” a religion rarely live to the standards that are supposedly taught in that religion. I am more concerned with their character than what they actually believe in. How can you boast about a religion about love and sacrifice and giving when you do none of that. So as long as the person isn’t an extremist in their religion…I can deal.

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