[Poem] 2 weeks notice


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To Whom it may concern,

You are my greatest weakness. I have an uncanny attraction for you that I’ve never been able to overcome. I see in you the potential of perfection: tall, statuesque, intelligent, vulnerable, strong, and kind with a hint of rage. You are the complex enigma that would take my mind a lifetime to unravel and I love it. I love you. However, what my eyes see in you is a reflection of my own selfish desires. I lust after your body and mind as a mission to be accomplished. I am open with you to prove to myself that I am not afraid to be open, but I am open only to you because in actuality I am only willing to be afraid of one person. I have allowed you to see me in a way that few others have and when you rejected me all those times, feelings of past rejections rushed from their hidden places to the forefront of my memory. With the turn of a phrase and the flicker of an eye lash you can turn despair into ecstasy and vice versa. I have given you a gift that you did not want nor ask for. I have blamed you for neglecting and misusing a gift that I doubt you even knew you possessed. We never miss anything until it is gone and it is gone. Thank you for your time and consider this my 2 weeks notice.

-A.D. Wright

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