[Poem] Addiction


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I remember…

Ingesting you feverishly

Feeling you reach down into my soul

Yanking and pulling

Expanding and contracting

Until I became


From worry


to suffering


From my own delusions

I remember…

Sunny afternoons that felt like dark nights

Scratching and clawing

Just for a little more of you

Begging God to

“Just give me one more chance

This is my last time. I promise”

But, it never is.

I remember…

Driving by, laughing and pointing at the future me

Locking the door as life’s lonely prisoner begs me for help

Looking in disgust as I wonder how this fool lost his dignity

I know now

And am running from that existence

Hardship has taught me more than a book or lecture ever could

I am not going to say that I won’t be back

We both know

I probably will

But just in case I don’t

I will always remember you.

-A.D. Wright

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  1. kimberli thomas says:

    I really like this one 🙂

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