[Poem] One with the Oneness


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A sincere word in a needing ear
I whisper to her
Promising her the world
And knowing I can deliver

For her world is me
And mine, her
She sheds a tear
To mourn her longing
I clutch my chest
Feeling the emptiness leaving
Our eyes mirror each other’s pain
Memories of past misfortunes
Join hands in our stare
We let them go

We are two souls tied in endless knots
Not even death can unravel us
Not even God would try
We are what we were born to be

8 Replies to “[Poem] One with the Oneness”

  1. bird says:

    great work. poetry may truly be your niche.

  2. Dissented on Love says:

    Beautiful poem. Its refreshing to come across something that celebrates love between two people. It’s possible. And can last a lifetime.

  3. JR Reid says:

    Nice poem, I see the location change has spurred some creativity.

  4. KayMac81 says:


  5. ACH says:

    Love it Fonz! <3

  6. Janelle Thomas says:

    Please contact me when you have a moment, I miss you friend.

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