[Poem] [Untitled]


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An imprisoned soul
Impaled on the icicles
Of an indifferent world
Cries out.

Echoing through the darkness
Aware but unseen
It cries out.
Hearing the giggles of impulses
Mocking its cries
overshadowed and nearly defeated
It cries out.
Wiggling and weeping
Squirming and screaming
Determined and defiant.
It cries out.
Each tear warming its world
Yet cooling its core.
It cries out
Wailing wildly
Melting the ice
While hardening itself
It cries out
Freed from its burden
It has cried out.

4 Replies to “[Poem] [Untitled]”

  1. Hot Lava says:


  2. KayMac says:

    I love it! Just beautiful!!!

  3. admin says:

    Thank you both

  4. BAnjeeB says:

    I read this several times and found myself smiling after each reading. That’s one I know if I like something. Lovely.

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