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This is something that is rarely spoken about and often assumed. It is important not to lie to yourself here.  Your objective isn’t what you should want; it is what you actually are seeking. So, before you ask him/her, ask yourself. “What is my objective?” Are you just floating along and playing it by ear? Or are you the type who has mentally mapped out your entire life, including a time frame? Do you want marriage, children and a house in the country with a white picket fence? Or is this going to be a strictly friends with benefits relationship since you are still biding time to be with your ex? The truth shall set you free.

Skills Summary

  • Similar Credit/ Financial stability
  • Similar/complimenting tastes in music, film, art, fashion and traveling
  • Similar/complimenting sense of humor
  • Similar/complementing anger and stress management
  • Similar/complementing morals
  • Similar/complimenting sexual appetite
  • Similar/complimenting work ethic
  • Etc…

These are the deal breakers. It is important to know yourself for this section. Reflect back on your past relationships. What are some of the qualities that you tend to like and dislike? You need to ask yourself “Would I date me?” Its okay if the answer is no, but asking yourself that question allows you to identify and analyze your own characteristics.  Do you want someone who understands you because he/she is just like you or would you prefer that everyday is a mystery and learning/growing experience?  Know thy self.

Employment History


Relationship ended because he/she had commitment issues, July 2010 to January 2011


Relationship ended because he/she had commitment issues, August 2009 to May 2010

Is there a pattern in this person’s dating history?  Some people have a physical and/or personality type that they prefer. Are you that type? If so, are you becoming part of a vicious cycle? If not, why the sudden change in preference? Are you a rebound or just the next ex? The past can predict the future.

Education and Personal experience


Master’s in Caribbean Studies


Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities

Our educational, cultural and religious experiences shape how we see the world. Be careful not to bias a possible match due to superficial differences. People of different backgrounds can have many fundamental similarities while people of similar backgrounds can have vastly different levels of devotion or involvement. Before dismissing or accepting someone’s background, it is a good idea to compare and contrast it with your own.

References and letters of recommendation are available upon request

4 Replies to “Relationship Resumé”

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  2. Billy Ocean says:

    I read this and kept seeing “similar” in the objective. For Q.Dater he is interested in someone like himself, but is not finding anyone to commit. He keeps finding someone with commitment issues. Perhaps he has commitment issues himself. I don’t know. I am off this way of thinking when it comes to a relationship and more in tune with the “self-expansion” Tara Parker-Pope wrote about in the New York Times, “Sustainable Love: The Happy Marriage Is the ‘Me’ Marriage”. A good read:
    My objective is to give love and to learn more about life and myself through and with my partner.

  3. Reagan says:

    It looks as if he is simply weighing his options. Based on the resume he doesnt’ really have a type so he is open to whomever he seems to have a “connection” with. To go from a stripper to a professional doctor is really disproportionate, but not in a bad way. This person understands that you can be compatible with almost anyone, although a person’s career path doesn’t necessarily say that they are the right person. People who have a “type” or a biased based preference tend to only seek out those people. “Courtney Q” doesn’t seem to be biased at all.. Just need a little love 😉

  4. _MsDani says:

    I think this is great and more people should consider before jumping or getting into a relationship.

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