Relationship Resumé

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  1. Billy Ocean says:

    I read this and kept seeing “similar” in the objective. For Q.Dater he is interested in someone like himself, but is not finding anyone to commit. He keeps finding someone with commitment issues. Perhaps he has commitment issues himself. I don’t know. I am off this way of thinking when it comes to a relationship and more in tune with the “self-expansion” Tara Parker-Pope wrote about in the New York Times, “Sustainable Love: The Happy Marriage Is the ‘Me’ Marriage”. A good read:
    My objective is to give love and to learn more about life and myself through and with my partner.

  2. Reagan says:

    It looks as if he is simply weighing his options. Based on the resume he doesnt’ really have a type so he is open to whomever he seems to have a “connection” with. To go from a stripper to a professional doctor is really disproportionate, but not in a bad way. This person understands that you can be compatible with almost anyone, although a person’s career path doesn’t necessarily say that they are the right person. People who have a “type” or a biased based preference tend to only seek out those people. “Courtney Q” doesn’t seem to be biased at all.. Just need a little love 😉

  3. _MsDani says:

    I think this is great and more people should consider before jumping or getting into a relationship.

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