Religious Tolerance


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So… I was having a religious conversation with a friend.  She’s a Christian and not very tolerant of other religions.  She truly believes that Jesus is the only way and all other religions are false.  I view religious books as just books that contain knowledge and wisdom. Some are more practical and others more imaginative but to me all are just really interesting books.  I asked her this question and I ask you (the reader) the same.  Are you (insert your religion here) because your family and friends are that religion?  Do other religions seem foreign and strange because you are not accustomed to hearing them.  If you substituted a nonsense word like Abuntu for Jesus, would Christianity sound like a strange pagan religion too?

Think of some common things people say about Jesus and his power and substitute a word like “Abuntu.”

I pray that Abuntu will help me get this job

When Abuntu returns you will have to answer to him.

Praise Abuntu it’s not raining

Abuntu is good… all the time

In Abuntu’s name we pray

Next time someone saywrites something friendly and christian to you, try it out.  It may make you more tolerant of others beliefs and understand why they are not tolerant of yours.

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