Single in the city on a Saturday night

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  1. I can’t speak in relation to the “single” aspect, but I do go out with friends from time-to-time…and I’ll answer the questions in order:

    – As you said, there’s the thought that the so the so-called “thugs” won’t want to go there (yeh, that’s what stopping them…)

    – Yes. I always have way more fun when I’m mentally in a “chill” mode; clothes help a lot with that.

    – Because people go back and don’t use their voice to force better service. Sidebar: I hate paying for poor service.

    – Most people don’t know how to run a proper bar/lounge…and that is why you often hear of them being under new owner/management or changing their name.

    – Because a lot of females are worried about other females looking them up band down while a lot of “thugs” are too busy making eye contact (also known as mean-mugging)…

    Add all of this to the frisking walking in the joint and the $12 drinks and then you realize why I rarely go to so-called “black” clubs. It’s so much extra make you forget while you’re going out. To have fun.

  2. That entire scene kinda turned me off from clubs and lounges: all the hoop-la you’ve gotta go through to get in, and you often end up not even having a good time. The liquor’s cheap, like you said, plastic cups, but the aura of the clientele reeks of pretension.

    It’s a strange juxtaposition, so I go out like that in spurts, I couldn’t do it every weekend. It’s a problem when you know what your issues of the night will probably be before you even get to the spot.

    But I LIKE to party with my folk, and something has to change in the way that we go out. I figure with everyone paying a cover, a bar can afford things like glasses. But it’s not my industry, so I can’t give specific suggestions.

    As far as the dress code, you know there are a LOT of people out here that like to be perceived as being something or someone they’re not. Every club owner is into that celebrity/ grown and sexy 24/7… They hope to attract a certain crowd. A lot “our spots” aren’t like that at first but after a month and word gets out about this “chill spot”, here come the throngs of people wanting to be included, bringing drama and bullshit with them. Ruining the whole vibe i.e. Peters St.

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