Slavery, Hinduism, and the Fast Women

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  1. Let me start by saying YES culture and unity can reverse some of the affects of slavery and the degradation of the Black man, woman and the family. However, it won’t save everyone b/c some people just don’t care about their family nor their community.

    You’re right that career is promoted over the family. I have to admit that most women want the solidarity of the family without having to sacrifice their own dreams and aspirations. Yes I acknowledge that there are Black women making those sacrifices everyday. The majority of women in the African American community have lost the trust that if they sacrifice their dreams for the family their counterpart will support them and stay committed to the family without wavering. They feel that they have to be the bread winners if they want their mortgage/rent paid, food & clothes for their children and a “good quality of life.”

    It often seems that the successful woman chooses her career over being married and having a family, however those women are choosing “security.” The security of knowing they can take care of themselves no matter what happens in life. Personally I think security is an illusion no matter what you choose to do with your life. Nothing is 100% assured.

    It is sad to see so many families in our communities failing. Yet I find hope in knowing that some people are still committed to creating an unbreakable family structure that benefits their own lives as well as uplifting others in their community.

    Good post Tito!

  2. Chris Fitness says:

    In Another 100 years maybe…

  3. Jackie says:

    I believe that unity and culture can reverse this vicious cycle. I hope it is possible. Even though women seem to be the focus of this topic..I think both men and women have to work on this together. From the article it seems as your are saying women are responsible for this change. But what about men taking responsibility for their actions and being a role model role in their families and being the security of their families.

    With your comment when you said women used to sacrifice their careers for their families ..thats not true..there wasn’t another option we didnt have an option to chose a career our families were our career. Men stuck around and was the provider and secured his family. The story is very different now. Now men duck their responsibility because they cant take the pressure and women are forced not only to be the mother, but the provider, the role model to show the children to follow their dreams.

    Todays age young girls are being molested and raped around the world in scary numbers as young as three years old. With something as tragic as this going on, its easy to see why these young girls grow up thinking that the only thing they are good for is being a stripper or video chick..or worse occupations.

    Personally it seems like the U.S. isn’t a country that prides it’s self in family value and unity. Everything seems to be about making more and more money – and individualism..its all about self fulfillment, materialism. Family falls in the background. The American dream is just a way to market the suburban neighborhood big house, the dog and the SUV in the garage. These days most people have these things but no foundation to their family, no morals no values.

    With media being one of the main influences of our culture….it never focus on the importance of family and values. Look at Tiger Woods for example. The response from people shock me, its like its not that big of a deal that he cheated on his wife and children, wedding vows, commitment, his number one, not golf but family unit. What happened to integrity..honesty..character. Even though we may not think so…when we dismiss when something like this happens in the media…we are subliminally saying to our kids its okay and the importance of family takes another step to the back.

  4. Aka Tito says:

    Jackie, the blog is not about blaming men or women for society’s problems. It is about the cycle of destruction that was addressed 3,000 years ago and is still relevant today. If you read the original quote, the woman is the glue that holds everything together, so of course the focus is going to be on her. Men are the catalyst for the destructive cycle and women are the “big explosion” that results in it all falling apart.

  5. Nanika says:

    I actually had this conversation with a few friends of mine recently. My point was that black people in this country will never get it together until the family unit is secure. I agree with you that the black woman is the glue that holds it together, considering that black men are at the very bottom of our social hierarchy in America. People say such blind statements such as “why doesn’t he get just get a job”, forgetting that embedded in our country is institutional racism that will prevent this from occurring easily. Consequently, we have black men who appear useless to their women and this frustration spins off into a cycle of emasculation. The men are emasculated, and they either leave the home, cheat, or just refuse to get married and instead, have children out of wedlock.

    Long story short, women do have a role in this. Coming from the perspective of a career woman, I definitely believe that women shouldnt let their carerrs trump domestication. I grew up in an environment where my mom would work later in the evening so that she could fix us breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My father also played a huge role in my life. I think that we shouldn’t lose sight of these things. I mean, jobs, fancy titles, and 6 figure salaries are cool and all…but, they definitely won’t keep you warm at night 🙂

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