Socialism, Volunteering, and the Key to Life

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2 Responses

  1. Bird says:

    I spent a year volunteering at the North Phoebus Community Center in Hampton, VA. That experience probably changed my life FOREVER. When I say it changed my life, I dont mean my physical, tangible life. I am talking about my mental perspective.

    You ask, “why is it so difficult to do whats right?” The Bystander Effect answers your question. No one wants to be that lone person in action. We wait for others to respond and then join in. For example…decades ago, when it was odd to live ‘Green’ and care about the environment, a little group of people refused to conform. They kept recycling and tending the community garden. Eventually they gained the support of the masses. People are finally realizing that we dont live in a self-sustaining biodome. We live on a living, breathing planet. Now its cool and trendy to live Green, buy an organic cotton wardrobe and make attempts at being vegan.

    This being said…I dont think we should focus on why its so difficult to do whats right. We should instead, focus on maintaining whats right. At some point, all of these morals and values will catch on….

    VOLUNTEER….preferably in an avenue that will improve and inspire a child’s life. They are young, impressionable, and the next generation. Perhaps they can be swayed to join our little group of whats ‘Right’…..

  2. Nanika says:

    Great that you did that! Thats why I used to mentor and teach the kiddies in NY. Things like this make you recognize that you can truly contribute to the betterment of someone else 🙂

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