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Recently I saw an ad for ChristianMingle.com with the slogan “Find God’s Match for You.” My first reaction was a tinge of outrage for this seemingly unethical and immoral marketing ploy. However, their possible blasphemy lead to a question: Why don’t we search for our “true” religion in the same way we search for our “true” love? Most of us have found our current religion in the same archaic way that was used to find a mate; Mom and dad arranged it.

The Arranged Religion

An arranged marriage is a practice in which someone other than the couple getting married makes the selection of the persons to be wed, meanwhile curtailing or avoiding the process of courtship. The purpose of the arranged marriage was to ensure the generational success of the family and create harmony by limiting choice and free will. *Source

As any dissenter knows, disagreeing with the norms in society and your own household causes animosity amongst peers and loved ones. I liken it to people who come from “traditional” families and decide to date outside their class, race, or religion. Many people, especially those who have a deeply hidden uncertainty about their faith, tend to adopt a “with us or against us” mentality.

With all of those outer pressures, it seems like the path of least resistance is conforming and complying with the wishes and beliefs of others. Eventually we accept, adopt, and perpetuate the cycle.

eHarmony for Religion

The extremely popular eHarmony.com and Match.com have dwindled the chaos of dating down to a “science” based on personality dimensions. This science can be applied to many aspects of life especially choosing a compatible religion.

  eHarmony Religion
Step 1 Complete the Relationship Questionnaire and get your  Personality Profile. Know thy self.  Are you naturally impulsive, logical, or creative? Do you prefer structure and rituals or abstract ideas?
Step 2 Review your selected, highly-compatible matches. Learn about other religions. Start with Wikipedia/Library to get a sense of the many religions of the world. Which ones do you find interesting?
Step 3 Pick the plan that best suits you when you’re ready to communicate. Delve past the surface of the religion and get a deep understanding of its principles, rituals, and history and how they relate to your nature.
Step 4 Get to know your matches at your own pace, and start dating! Go to your religion’s house of worship and/or begin practicing your new faith. If you find it’s not for you, repeat step 3 with a different match.

For a brief overview of the 4 major religions and how they relate to certain personality types check out: Which Religion is Right for You?

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  1. WhydoIHave ToGiveMyName says:

    Great blog post. As someone who has conformed based on your post above, I can’t help but wonder…why should I search if I don’t feel lost? If I don’t feel a void in what I practice, am I wrong for not exploring other religions? Like dating, you might just get it right on the first try.

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