What Indian Americans can teach African Americans

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  1. Alake says:

    this is a very important topic. due to the way many africans were forced into “americanized” living centuries ago, we have forgotten the importance of family and community. if we were to journey back to africa we would see that people survived by leaning on each other. compounds were constructed to house and provide for the community. it is called a collective, where the work of many provided oppurtunity for many. there is a whole economic lesson that we have lost site of. barter and trade? who needed money, when we could exchange goods and services? there was no talk of the village being in a deficit or depression! but in 2009, this is unheard of, unless u are one of the few who still have an appreciation for this system. we as a black community have been conditioned to believe that is every man for himself, but we forget that we are not alone…matter of fact we are still an underappreciated minority and bc of that alone we need to depend more on each other and less on the governmental systems that were created to trap us in poverty and become comfortable with these conditions.

    so yes, we can learn A LOT from the east asian, latin, and many other collective communities.

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