Sympathy Fear

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  1. She says:

    Be brave & evolve my friend! I know about this all to well. Ive always been the risktaker that finds it exhilerating to create my own path & push the limits…only to find that the closest individuals to me at the time, including my family, did not believe in my decisions to move forward with pursuing my dreams. Although I can definitely relate and have had my moments of doubt because of the lack of support & ups & downs along the way, I can truly say that Im so grateful to have my own mind & be able to make my own decisions, even if it means being called stubborn & many other things. Looking at my life at the moment & where Im headed, I will honestly say it was all worth it. Its ok to let people go along the way. Its beneficial to your growth & success throughout your journey. If you dare to dream…DREAM BIG MY FRIENDS!! Thanks for sharing. The world needs your voice!

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