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Tipping Point of Hip Hop

Hip Hop has become a satire of itself. Don’t believe me? Try to make a hook/chorus-line that’s so outrageously ignorant that it’s funny. Did it sound something like the Billboard Top 5 rap songs...


The path of least resistance

Yesterday, I had an interesting conversation with a friend from Detroit about the declining humanity of the American poor. Close living quarters, lack of resources, and an inability to maneuver the legal system disproportionately...

peacocking 1


I’m a people watcher… not in a creepy way. I’m just a fan of sociology and the quirkiness of human behavior. I always wonder what people are thinking or why they make certain choices....


The Power of Community

WE ARE LOSING; WE ARE DYING; WE ARE DOING IT TO OURSELVES. We have forgotten the sole point of life on this earth. TO SURVIVE AND THEN THRIVE.

Hip Hop and the path to hell 4

Hip Hop and the path to hell

What do you think? Is modern hip hop culture creating a one way ticket to hell or is it simply a mirror of the mindset of today’s youth. Do any rappers come to mind that exemplify the Demonic Personality?

What Indian Americans can teach African Americans 1

What Indian Americans can teach African Americans

Could you go from being a “corporate person” to the assistant manager at a grocery store, if it meant that your knowledge would springboard your loved ones’ success?