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Tipping Point of Hip Hop

Hip Hop has become a satire of itself. Don’t believe me? Try to make a hook/chorus-line that’s so outrageously ignorant that it’s funny. Did it sound something like the Billboard Top 5 rap songs for the week of Sept 1, 2012? Is it just harmless entertainment? Lupe Fiasco doesn’t think so and I agree.

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Shootin’ in the gym

Drake’s line in Rick Ross’s “Stay Schemin’” has sparked somewhat of a viral cultural phenomenon. B!%@#, you wasn’t with me shootin’ in the gym. For those of you who aren’t a fan of Drake or Ross, the line refers to Kobe Bryant losing $50 million in his divorce. But more importantly, the line alludes to […]

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Talkin’ bout good and bad hair

Is chemically altering ones hair just a fashionable choice or is it linked to generational self-loathing and identity hatred? Are the people who go “natural” the enlightened elite or are they rebels without causes who refuse to blend in with societal norms?

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