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Are you microwaving your life?

Get Rich Quick! Get Slim Fast! Find Love Now! It seems as though patience, attention to detail and dedication to excellence have become dead virtues in today’s society. We want it all; pre-packaged and...


The Secret Life of Cees

If I were to die today, would my survivors have to fill my Eulogy with meaningless fluff and overly romanticized childhood memories… or could they tell truth?

Understanding the #GodBodyDiet 6

Understanding the #GodBodyDiet

The God Body Diet isn’t about losing some vanity weight so you can lust after yourself in the mirror or making your ex wish he/she never left you. It is about becoming the best you… ever. By understanding the importance of balancing food, exercise and stress, you can become the ideal version of yourself.

Being Vegetarian in America 4

Being Vegetarian in America

Most Americans think that being a vegetarian is some weird rebellion against society. Recently when visiting an Indian Restaurant I picked up a Khabar magazine highlighting Indian-American culture.  One of the articles was about...

The Not So Sweet Truth About Artificial Sweeteners 1

The Not So Sweet Truth About Artificial Sweeteners

When I was a child I was told, “eating too much sugar will rot your teeth.” Well… it seems that using artificial forms of sugar will rot the rest of your body. High fructose...

Common Jamaican Tea fights Diabetes & HIV/AIDS 2

Common Jamaican Tea fights Diabetes & HIV/AIDS

Scientists have identified several active proteins in the cerasse bush are potentially cheaper alternative treatments for HIV/AIDS.