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Why Seagulls Fight 1

The Psychology of Scarcity: Why the Seagulls Fight

While sitting in a waterfront park on my lunch break, I observed a flock of seagulls engaging in all sorts of activities. Some of these gallant birds were leisurely floating in the shallows, soaking...


A Road to Racism paved with Good Intentions

THE DANGER IN HOW NON-PROFITS MARKET Have you ever noticed that the term “In The Black Community” is always preceded or followed by some crisis or deficit i.e. AIDS, poverty, or some ‘ism? Take...

Poor man 4

Black does not mean Poor

Do you know what Liberals, Republicans, non-profits, activists, Black people, White people, rappers and racists of all colors have in common? They use Black and poor interchangeably, especially when referring to “Blacks” receiving aid...


Why are teenagers abandoning social media sites?

It’s a simple trend. As social and entertainment media increases, attention span and message effectiveness decreases. Instagram and Pinterest are so popular because as the old cliche says, “a picture says a thousand words”...


No Budget Marketing

Fearlessness inspires creativity In the fascinating worlds of low life pimping and high finance, there is a saying… more of a mantra. “Scared money don’t make money.” Basically, one must accept risk in order...


The 4 “P’s” for marketing yourself to a mate

The four P’s of Marketing are product, price, place and promotion. In business, these concepts are used to attract customers. In life, we can use these concepts to attract Mr./Mrs Right or Right-Now. I’m...

Is Avatar a new classic or a plagiarized old one? 1

Is Avatar a new classic or a plagiarized old one?

They say, “repetition is the father of learning.” Well… the story of Avatar is a visually stunning take on a story we have read, watched an enjoyed countless times in such movies as “The Last Samurai” “Dances with Wolves” and many others. However as uncovered, anyone who played Mad Libs as a child can create a masterpiece of their own.

You are what you watch 0

You are what you watch

Ok so I was flipping through the channels and caught the fox news channel. Glenn Beck was going on and on about how Obama has created a new form of fascism, “Progressive Fascism.” He...