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Black does not mean Poor

Do you know what Liberals, Republicans, non-profits, activists, Black people, White people, rappers and racists of all colors have in common? They use Black and poor interchangeably, especially when referring to “Blacks” receiving aid of any sort.

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Doomsday 2012… its not a movie!

What would you do if there was a country-wide blackout for months? Let me put it in terms we all can understand… no computers, cell phones, television, credit/debits cards, or ELECTRICITY of any kind. Well, we may find out. NASA predicts that a solar storm in 2012 could fry all power grids and completely shut […]

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Its just local news until it happens to you

Around 2 a.m. this morning I hear a banging on my door.  Somebody is yelling, “There’s another fire.”  Needless to say I was asleep and not sure if this was a dream or reality.  As I put on some clothes to evacuate the building I think, “There was a fire yesterday. What the hell is […]

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U.S. company at fault for swine flu

5-year-old Edgar Hernandez survived the earliest documented case of swine flu in an outbreak that, officials say, has now spread across four continents.

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Warrantless Outrage

After CNN and other news outlets reported on the vile statements made by the Iranian president at the U.N. conference, I became curious as to what was said. After reading the transcript from the speech I am reminded that American propaganda still exists. The speech is mild and truthful for the most part. Do you […]

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