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Waiting for Marriage 0

E=MC2 & Why I’m Still Not Married

Ever since I passed that age 30+ mark, my friends and family have incessantly asked, “So… why aren’t you married yet?” I keep replying, “Because I don’t want to be;” but for some reason,...


Speed Dating for Salvation

Recently I saw an ad for ChristianMingle.com with the slogan “Find God’s Match for You.” My first reaction was a tinge of outrage for this seemingly unethical and immoral marketing ploy. However, their possible...


The 4 “P’s” for marketing yourself to a mate

The four P’s of Marketing are product, price, place and promotion. In business, these concepts are used to attract customers. In life, we can use these concepts to attract Mr./Mrs Right or Right-Now. I’m...


God, can I have a…?

A man floating stranded in the middle of the ocean looks to the sky and asks, “God, can I have a boat?” Exhausted, the man falls asleep. When he awakens, there is an overturned...

peacocking 1


I’m a people watcher… not in a creepy way. I’m just a fan of sociology and the quirkiness of human behavior. I always wonder what people are thinking or why they make certain choices....

lonely 4

Crowded by loneliness

Every morning while riding the train to work, I am surrounded by individuals attempting to remain solitary, anonymous, and oblivious. They listen to their IPOD’s and concentrate on their newspaper, book or cellphone conveniently...


Are you microwaving your life?

Get Rich Quick! Get Slim Fast! Find Love Now! It seems as though patience, attention to detail and dedication to excellence have become dead virtues in today’s society. We want it all; pre-packaged and...

cheating 1

Why men cheat

For the purposes of this blog, let’s liken Cheating to the dormant genetic disease Eczema. Just as Eczema is a defect in the immune system, cheating is a defect in one’s morality which when triggered by stress, irritants, or changes in environment causes insatiable self-centeredness.


Sometimes lack of communication is key

Communication is key. We have all heard it before, but what does that really mean? Nothing. The cliché is incomplete and somewhat dangerous. Effective communication is much more important than just communicating. People communicate...