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The 4 “P’s” for marketing yourself to a mate

The four P’s of Marketing are product, price, place and promotion. In business, these concepts are used to attract customers. In life, we can use these concepts to attract Mr./Mrs Right or Right-Now. I’m...

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Why men cheat

For the purposes of this blog, let’s liken Cheating to the dormant genetic disease Eczema. Just as Eczema is a defect in the immune system, cheating is a defect in one’s morality which when triggered by stress, irritants, or changes in environment causes insatiable self-centeredness.


The Secret Life of Cees

If I were to die today, would my survivors have to fill my Eulogy with meaningless fluff and overly romanticized childhood memories… or could they tell truth?

Inside the mind of a celibate man 12

Inside the mind of a celibate man

Jamal’s entire teenage and adult life has been dedicated to attracting women. Everything he can ever remembering doing has had that secret motive behind it.

Why do you have sex? 34

Why do you have sex?

Because it feels good! Let’s dare to dig deeper, shall we? I posed this question to 25 African American women in their late 20’s / early 30’s: “Please answer this question as honestly as...