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We is Sick: Is Materialism Our New Master?

Due to the beauty of modern-day multitasking, I spent my morning train ride to work looking through my finances on my  Mint app while listening to Malcolm X speeches.  As I writhed over the money...


Talkin’ bout good and bad hair

Is chemically altering ones hair just a fashionable choice or is it linked to generational self-loathing and identity hatred? Are the people who go “natural” the enlightened elite or are they rebels without causes who refuse to blend in with societal norms?

The Master Plan 0

The Master Plan

Every morning I spend an hour or two watching local news and looking through my rss feeds for international news on certain topics. For the past few months, my rss feed for “African American”...

Black History? 2

Black History?

Most of the Black History that I have learned has been about courageous African Americans breaking color lines. Rosa Parks defied unjust societal norms; The “Little Rock Nine” went to public school in the...

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Slavery, Hinduism, and the Fast Women

When a family declines, ancient traditions are destroyed. With them are lost the spiritual foundations for life and the family loses its sense of unity. Where there is no sense of unity, the women of the family become corrupt; and with the corruption of women, society is plunged into chaos

Mordern Day Slavery 0

Mordern Day Slavery

Angola is Louisiana’s state penitentiary and is estimated to be one of the oldest and largest prisons in the United States with 5,000 inmates and 1,800 staff members. Of the 5,000 inmates, nearly 4,000...