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New American Dream 0

The New American Dream

Industrial Age vs Information Age Have you ever heard a parent tell their child, “You can do anything you put your mind to”? I never understood what it really meant, but I always appreciated...


Shootin’ in the gym

Drake’s line in Rick Ross’s “Stay Schemin’” has sparked somewhat of a viral cultural phenomenon. B!%@#, you wasn’t with me shootin’ in the gym. For those of you who aren’t a fan of Drake...


Sometimes lack of communication is key

Communication is key. We have all heard it before, but what does that really mean? Nothing. The cliché is incomplete and somewhat dangerous. Effective communication is much more important than just communicating. People communicate...

[Inside the mind of a struggling alumni] Layoff to payoff 3

[Inside the mind of a struggling alumni] Layoff to payoff

I’ve been laid off due to the economy 3xs since I graduated. And applied to ever marketing firm, volunteered at every function, had informational interviews, gone back to CAU for speaking engagements-the whole 9