The 4 “P’s” for marketing yourself to a mate


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The four P’s of Marketing are product, price, place and promotion. In business, these concepts are used to attract customers. In life, we can use these concepts to attract Mr./Mrs Right or Right-Now. I’m not saying you should be prostituting yourself per se, but it may get that right person to spend some time with you.

Product – Every product is subject to a life-cycle including a growth phase followed by an eventual period of decline as the product approaches market saturation. To retain its competitiveness in the market, product differentiation is required and is one of the strategies to differentiate a product from its competitors.

Please take note, packaging is very important. But, once you get them to notice you, how will you get them to take that extra step and “purchase?” A shiny wrapper (clothing, make-up, luxury items, etc) will attract most people but a savvy shopper(dater) will look for the quality of the content behind the pretty packaging.

Time for the some self-evaluation. Are you a slim, smart and sexy iPhone 5 or the clunky and obsolete Nokia that was hot in 1999? With proper maintenance, you will increase in value like fine wine; without, you’ll depreciate like moldy bread. In short… visit the gym, farmers market, library, dentist and dermatologist regularly to be the best you that you can be.

Price – The price is the amount a customer pays for the product. The business may increase or decrease the price of product if other stores have the same product.

Prepare for some tough love… Regardless of how much differentiating you do, you are not one in a million. You are one of a million. Other stores (men/women) look similar to you, say the same things you say and possess anything else that you think makes you special. So, put your ego in your pocket and be appreciative when someone wants to spend time with you and pay attention to you.

Conversely, don’t “sell yourself short.” You can reduce heartache and cognitive dissonance(buyer’s remorse) by having a realistic view of what value you add in a relationship.Then, react to potential mates accordingly.

Place – Place represents the location where a product can be purchased.

Just like certain stores sell certain items, certain social gatherings attract certain “kinds” of people. Try to go to places that appeal to the type of mate you would like to attract i.e. if you like to read go to bookstores, coffee shops and libraries and you will undoubtedly find people with similar interests.

Keep in mind, some meeting places are the “Dollar Stores” of the society. These are the places where people make look decent and and have a low “price” but the probability of a long lasting relationship developing is the same as finding a quality product in Dollar Tree.

Promotion represents all of the communications that a marketeer may use in the marketplace.

Most of us either spam any and everyone with our availability or hide the “For Sale” sign like its a Scarlet Letter. In Crowded by Loneliness, I wrote about individuals wearing sunglasses and listening to their iPod in and attempt to remain anonymous. Have you ever heard single people say, “I don’t want to seem available?” Isn’t that like a business owner saying, “I don’t want to turn on the lights and open the door because I don’t want to seem open.”

There are many vehicles to promote your availability without seeming desperate. The simplest is a warm smile and pleasant disposition. Try it out… I guarantee it or your money back!

If you can think of yourself like a product, you will easily see how ridiculous common behaviors are. Moreover, you can apply successful marketing strategies to your social life. In the words of Malcolm X, “if it works over there, it’ll work over here.”

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