The anti-social network: outsourcing romance

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  1. Your_Archfoe says:

    Great post. I think it depends on your personality and your contentment. If you’re a well-rounded person that also likes to try different things, you’re naturally eager to venture out of the social norms and experience things that should be considered, well – normal.

    Facebook stalking, always texting and status updating is not normal but we’ve become so comfortable, lazy and content. The best thing to do is realize that these behaviors get you nowhere and perhaps you should change your people, places and things…and do something different. Go to that free concert. Take that painting class. Check out that art festival. Just be willing to try.

  2. BAnjeeB says:

    I don’t think that those days are gone, but we have to get out of our own way and start doing them again! Every Fall I look around DC and realize just how much free stuff I didn’t take advantage of because I was too busy, or too tired, or some other lame excuse. I am going to do it this year. No excuses, no B.S. I may not meet the man of my dreams, but I’ll have a better chance there than I will sitting on my couch. 🙂

  3. Bird says:

    I have the pleasure of having great conversations and wonderful social encounters with many of my friends without explicitly wanting anything from them. That being said, I recognize that this situation is a rarity. Living in the 21st century, we have convenience at our fingertips. Almost every aspect of life can now be found neatly packaged and readily available to a willing consumer. It makes sense that dating, relationships, and basic socializing have all reached a certain level of convenience as well. Our responsibility is to make well-informed decisions regarding what we choose to do with this “modern convenience”. Personally, I prefer the traditional, somewhat old-school method of meeting friends, potential dates, etc. I have also never been the one to stay home, eyes glued to a computer screen. I live in DC, and I am constantly out and about, enjoying what my city has to offer. Meeting someone via a social network and/or communicating with a person primarily through the use of technology has never appealed to me. I need ACTUAL face time.

    It simply depends on the individual. If you are willing….and you find others who are willing, why not take advantage of the convenience that social networking and technology offers to socializing, dating, and relationships? Companionship and social interaction are basic needs for all humans. It keeps us mentally healthy. In retrospect, the convenient aspect of socialization is not new at all. The mail-order bride business has been booming for decades….

  4. Danni says:

    Loved this post!! I’ve become one of those robots… this opened my eyes.

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