The Perfect Mate vs. The Perfect Career.

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4 Responses

  1. Princesss says:

    Hmmm I didn’t see my response so I’ll reiterate it here. I know you posed the question in a way that women would have to choose between the perfect career vs the perfect mate. However, I don’t think that we should have to choose!

    First of all, like so many have already stated the perfect person doesn’t exist but there is someone that’s perfect for each of us. Secondly, we all have a purpose that usually coincides with our goals. Ideally we should be able to realize our dreams and be with the love of our life. Sometimes we think someone is “The One” only to realize it was an immature fanciful idea of love & companionship. Love + Career = Success for most people.

  2. @nobles717 says:

    I would choose the woman over the career. If your good at what you do…another company will definitely pick you up. Its hard to find that one woman.

  3. I didn’t tweet an answer; I am unhappily married, love what I do for a living.

    Perfection is non-existent in anything; I think best we can hope for is consistency and peaceful existence.

  4. Hunniedip81 says:

    I would chose the perfect husband(or rather, what I consider perfect) over the career…at least I would have someone, that I enjoy being around, to go home to after dealing with people I may not like or dealing with the craziness at work(wait, did that make any sense??). The “perfect mate” is once in a lifetime but you can always find another career.

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