The Revelation of Tito

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  1. Tasheka (Kisha) says:

    Hopefully more adults will have the same epiphany. Children are already overly stimulated. It disheartning to hear children claiming to be bored when they have gaming systems that do more than computers did 20 years ago, over 20 channels of age appropriate television shows, countless dvd’s, and the list goes on. I have met children who have never played a board game, much less a game like tic-tac-toe. I have to admit that I would rather go to the library than play outside growing up (until I hit puberty and realized that all the cute guys were at the park playing basketball), some children don’t know how to just “play” with each other, whether it is due to lack of imagination, lack of physical prowess or just plain lack of social skills…but something has to change. Hopefully, you’ll have another revelation…but with a solution this time!

  2. Nika says:

    My job (budding attorney) will probably exist in another 20 years, just on the mere fact that people will always have disputes. I think the reason that “smart” people may not have over two children alot of the times is that they tend to get married and start families later on in life because they spend so many years in school. For instance, doctors spend 8 years in med school, so they are looking at starting families in their early 30s, and women with their biological clock ticking will probably not want to have children post 35. In terms of using automated services, I dont know if that is the hugest issue. Jobs change with technology, however, just because certain jobs are becoming obsolete doesnt mean that there are less jobs–just different ones. For instance, blockbuster is slowly getting pushed out of the market, but it has been replaced by netflix and the movie stand carts in grocery stores. One of the biggest challenges with technology however, is that people do lack face to face communication on the reliance of various modes of communication. People do not know how to communicate with each other now-a-days consequently, personal and professional relationships with suffer as a result. (sorry for the length)

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