Tito Today: Precious Movie…………………………

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2 Responses

  1. Kim says:

    I think sometimes we as African-Americans are ashamed of what others (whites,etc) will think of us if our stories are told…the bad ones that is. While I agree we don’t need another negative out there about us, sexual and physical abuse are things that are too often swept under the rug. Just ask around and you will find that many families have “that uncle” the one that all the girls are told to stay away from but NO ONE in the darn family has the courage, conviction, or dare I say intelligence to REPORT. Victims are suffering beyond belief and I think our society does a disservice to those who are abused. AAs don’t own abuse, it happens in all kinds of families. It’s ugly but it’s truth, and yes people need to face it.

  2. akatito says:

    I agree the problem exist. I agree the problem is serious and deserves attention. However, with so few Black Movies reaching the Big Screen do we really need more films that illustrate the dysfunctions of the Black Family? How many Black people in the hood movies are there going to be? We need balance.

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