[Today] Civil Rights protest in Atlanta over police brutality

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ATLANTA – Protests are planned in front of the Fulton County courthouse Today at 5:30 p.m. after a former Atlanta police officer was cleared of killing a teenager.

A judge said former officer Raymond Bunn was justified when he shot and killed 18-year old Corey Ward.

The Situation: A SUV is reported stolen in the area. An undercover plain clothes officer in an unmarked car sees young Black males driving around Buckhead (Former Atlanta Hotspot) in New SUV. The officer exits his vehicle and points a gun at the teenagers, who are driving their mother’s new Tahoe. The teenagers try to flee and the officer fires into the vehicle killing the driver. The officer claims that the driver tried to run him over with the vehicle and the shooting is in self defense.

The Opinion: I’ve seen on reality “Cop” shows how officers take advantage of their position to trump up charges. I think the officer positioned himself in the front of the SUV. By doing this, if the inexperienced teenage driver attempts to escape by driving forward the officer is in the path of the SUV and the officer would then be “endangered” by the vehicle.

What are your thoughts?

3 Replies to “[Today] Civil Rights protest in Atlanta over police brutality”

  1. @akaDanni says:

    This is absurd! Cops do take advantage of their “power”. How I see it, if someone in plain clothes is pointing a gun at me, I’m gonna run their ass over too and attempt to get away. My heart goes out to this young man’s family.

  2. RoundupRussy says:

    If somebody jumps out of their car on me in plain cloths and points a gun I’m bouncing too.. I dont care if youre in my way or not..

    My condolences to the family for the loss of a Young Black Man

  3. Reggie says:

    Its nothing new in the world we live in….cops abuse there power. Get away with muder(literally). I’ve personally seen 4 dekalb county cops jump a young man. It’s sad that we have to live in fear of criminals as well as the people that’s supposed to protect us. R.I.P Corey Ward

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