Why Do… Google automations show racism?

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5 Responses

  1. AngelaT says:

    Ummm…you need to blame society for this; not Google. Everyone knows that Google is the most widely used search engine so the auto-complete phrases that you will find when typing in a phrase are a product of what people actually search on….yes, it’s true, whether you want to believe it or not, we live in a racist world. Gasp!

    Often, people use search engines to search for the answers to things that they’ve always been scared to ask a human. If Google auto-complete phrases are racist, then they are also, sexist and everything else because you can type in “why do men…”, “why do women…”, “why do old people…”, “why do muslims…”, etc., etc. and get offensive auto-complete phrases.

    The race card does not apply here and just shouldn’t be used. You can’t possibly think that someone at Google is paid to fill their auto-complete phrase data in their database with these phrases. Gimme a break.

  2. EmpressTaTa says:

    i’m with her. and thats awesome because i dont have to type a thing. go AngelaT!!! *hi-five*

  3. akatito says:

    I’m not blaming Google. I asked, ” Why do Google automations SHOW racism. I assumed that every one knows that the auto complete is in order of most used completion of that sentence to least used completion. The problem that I am illustrating is that the anonymous English Speaking World most often asked: Why do black people have big lips? etc… Is it curiosity or are people just inherently racist?

  4. JR Reid says:

    Racism is still alive and kicking and with technology today if they know how to use it can definitely be used as a tool to promote the practice unfortunately. It’s not as bad as what our ancestors had to go through but it doesn’t make it right. In this day and age you would hope that this behavior would be minimal however that has not been the case.

  5. aka Tito says:

    Exactly JR Reid. Since the internet is relatively anonymous, it gives great insight to the true beliefs of Americans. Almost any video on Youtube dealing positively or negatively with Black Americans will have at least one racist comment on it.

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