Would you date you?

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8 Responses

  1. MrsBigglesWorth says:

    The real me I definitely would date. The image I project to others, maybe not. The defense, the wall, the fear can be a great protector, but it can also block potential good.

  2. akatito says:

    @MrsBigglesWorth well said. My friend once told me that we don’t date a person we date their Senator; which means most people project the person that they think everyone wants them to be instead being their real selves. It’s all a defense against rejection.

  3. MrsBigglesWorth says:

    Trust is such a big issue. There is my #baggage: trust. Buzzword “date” and I go into offense mode immediately. And it so happens I’ll shut something down by projecting something or someone I’m not because I dont feel “safe”. But the opposite happens when becoming friends and then letting things take its course. I guess just trying to be friends is hard if you have a strong physical attraction… #complicated

  4. CeezAllThat says:

    I would date parts of me. My heart, yes … my head not so much. I could do without my guardedness and my conscious/subconcious emotional barriers. Most of the men I know (w/ the exception of Tito and my gay hubby) would definitely not date themselves because they would not want to be treated the way they treat women.

  5. YouSaid ItsRequired says:

    I wouldn’t date me. On the one hand, I know my flaws and insecurities. My shallow tendencies, my fears. On the other hand, I need to date someone that will be a champion for me overcoming my hang ups and not fuel them.

  6. p_nami says:

    My comment from Twitter transferred:

    I don’t want to date me. I want someone who inspires me to be better. Dating my mirror makes me falsely believe I’m perfection. 2 ppl with the same flaws is a recipe for disaster. There’s no incentive to improve

  7. LaBellaDani says:

    Today I wouldnt date me but would keep me close by. My potential is unreal but there are just a few things that I need to work on first.

  1. January 14, 2011

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